Hi! My name is Hammad.

Welcome to my writing site! I’ll be posting my articles and musings on the Blog. Feel free to browse! For more information or to reach me, check out the Contact page and sign up for my free newsletter!

Latest from the Blog

Taking Roll in 2040

These kids’ parents definitely took the red pill. Ms. Stevens: Ok, class, I’m your substitute teacher for today. You can call me Ms. Stevens. I’ll start off by taking roll, so when I say your name just say “Here”, okay? Class: Yes, ma’am. Ms. Stevens: Good. Let’s see, first we have…X Æ A-12? Did I sayContinue reading “Taking Roll in 2040”

A Quatrain

POETRY Poem for your thoughts Ton sourire m’ensorcelle  Je suis fou de toi  Le désir coule dans mes veines  Guidé par ta voix English Translation: Your smile bewitches me; I am crazy about you. Desire runs through my veins, Guided by your voice. Taken from Penn Masala’s “Nashe Si Chadh Gaye/Hymn For The Weekend”

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